Commission Info:

I am based in the UK so my currency is £ but I will put the conversion rates for € and $ with the sketch in the first check up before payment. You can contact me at about commissions!!

I am currently sorting out examples for d&d related art, but emote commissions for twitch and discord are on the home page.

I have multiple types of commission at different prices to choose from:

Full body commissions are £40 to £50 depending on detail, with any extra characters added being £40. Half body commissions are £30 to £40 with each added character another £30. Bust commissions are £20 with each added character another £20. D&D full body character sheets with stats and info are £50 to £60 depending on detail. Full body commissions in a quick sketchy style are £25. Discord and twitch emotes are £10 to £15 each. Simple Backgrounds are free, relatively easy backgrounds are £10 and anything more would be decided when sketching and planning. All prices can be converted to your currency, please just shoot me a message at and I'll let you know!!